Otago Peninsula – 2014

Otago Peninsula #994

The Otago Peninsula MTB event run by Otago MTB club was to be my last official event for the season, before all the famous South Otago rain, mud and snow arrived.

I participated in this ride last year (2013) not knowing anyone, this year sees me at the start line chatting to a number of people who I have met through my riding exploits throughout the last year.

Last year I took on board a few mental notes for this race….start at the back as the first ascent is not wide and is very steep. As usual, my mission was to finish the ride, and if possible beat my previous time.

This year the start line was at the same place, but I started further towards the back of the pack, the first uphill usually gets clogged with riders of various degrees of skill, and me not being the best or fastest, the ...

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Wanaka to Albert Town – Via Outlet Track

While resting after my last ride, and having a few more hours to fill in, I decide to toddle off on a simple, flat ride from Wanaka to Albert Town, at a leisurely pace. So off on the Outlet Track I went, and back to Wanaka via the tar seal roads.

This track started through the kids dinosaur park, towards the marina. I was taking it slow, being one of those cyclists that annoy you when you want to pass but there is no room. Then someone did pass me! Wow, better notch it up a gear, so I followed said cyclist at an average speed of 19kph, past Eely Point until I met with an Asian tourist. I know this is a walking/cycling track, but emphasis on the walking, walking means moving, not standing right in the middle of the track taking photos. Move to the side please!

Passing Eely Point you pass th...

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Wanaka to Glendu Bay MTB ride – the day before Motatapu

I travelled tracks three and four on this journey

I travelled tracks three and four on this journey

Friday 7th March.

Today started out a nice and fine day, and with a spare day here in Wanaka what else does a mountain biker do but go for a leisurely ride.  Decided to head out to Glendu Bay and back.  Thought I better find the way there in case I couldn’t get a ride for Motatapu the next day.

I decided to bike the MTB track out to Glendu Bay and head back to Wanaka via the road.  Due to the Wanaka A & P show, I had an interesting start trying to negotiate traffic through the town and tourists making their own carparks along the waterfront.  Once through the town, it was then onto the track, next negotiating morning joggers, other MTB’ers, dog poo and of course, the dogs!


The first 6km is nice, flat and smooth!  Once at R...

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Motatapu 2014

D day. The most expensive ride I have done $145 for 47 km.  Is it going to be worth it? Others that I have talked to say “hell yes”.

Here is what happened on my journey of Motatapu 2014…….

Originally I was going to participate in this ride in 2013, but was too slow to book a place so when registration was announced for 2014 I must have been one of the first to book a spot….so I had been waiting for this day for an age!

I was being picked up at 0900 from Wanaka to travel to Glendu Bay, which I had biked to the day before (just in case I couldn’t get a lift)...

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Coastal Classic 2013

Coastal Classic 2013 - 1

So once again I attempted the Coastal Classic. My only goal this year was to beat my last year’s time of 4 hours 06 minutes and less than 2 flat tyres. Also, with the acquirement of my new GoPro camera, I was hoping for some downhill action footage and, if I was in the right place at the right time, someone falling off!

Yet again, I was bringing up the tail end of the field, noticing along the way all the riders who look “professional” (both with their bike and attitude), were turning right to complete the 15km ride. Not many were carrying on, like me, to complete the whole 51km course.

As I passed the spot where I received my first flat tyre in last year’s event I had a little celebration in my head….yay, first goal achieved...

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Otago Peninsula Challenge

The Otago Peninsula Challenge started at Smails Beach, Dunedin and ended at Taiaroa Heads.

Word to the wise, if you are just out for a bike ride start at the back, because from where you start the track just gets narrower and narrower, and people start pushing you off the track.  Once you stop it is hard to start again until everyone has passed.

The first section is uphill until you reach the two antennae, but there are great views on the way up.

Once at the top it is all the way down a muddy track (it had been raining the previous few days), if you don’t stay on the track it’s a pretty steep drop, definitely a free helicopter ride to hospital.

On arrival at the bottom of the first hill it is sandy and you have sand dunes to contend with...

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Contact Epic 2013

What a day.  We started at 5am….yes, 5am.  Normally for a ride I would wear contact lenses but at 5am there were extremely difficult to put in, so glasses it was.  Off to pick up my race buddy in Wanaka, not too far from where we were staying, then drove to the start line, about 10 minutes past the neck (where Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka nearly meet).

The weather was cold and windy, really overcast, but good for a 7am start.  The first goal of my day was to be at the first aid station before the Epic riders passed me (I was racing in the Classic, 95km) which was at the first 30km mark.  Oops, I was 1 – 2km short!

My race buddy and I started near the back of the pack, we were there for the adventure, not the race.  The first 6km was a nice gentle ride...

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Welcome to Mud in my Eyes.

Hello.  Welcome.  Kia Ora.

I’m Quinn.  I call myself a Novice mountain biker, having only been in the sport for about 12 months.  I have completed a number of events around South Otago and Queenstown Lakes area.  Through this blog I will let you all know about the events I have completed, share photos, show you what equipment I use, what is good and what isn’t.

Over the next few weeks I will update this site with some reviews of my adventures so far, some products I highly recommend, some upcoming events and anything else that pops up in my mountain biking world from my point of view.

Stay tuned.

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